Lawn establishment and maintenance is essential for the healthy growth of green areas and for maintaining the clean, neat and aesthetic appearance of the lawn. This service takes care of the lawns of gardens, parks, public spaces, soccer fields, golf courses and other outdoor areas.

First of all, it determines the operations to be carried out in the lawn facility area. These operations include activities such as establishing the lawn, watering, fertilizing, mowing, aerating with aerator, cleaning the lumps, spraying.

The lawn establishment process starts with soil preparation. Soil cultivation is done to provide a suitable environment for grass to grow. After the tillage process, seeding or roll grass application is carried out. These processes ensure that the garden or open area is brought to the desired shape.

Lawn maintenance service includes regular operations to ensure that the grass grows healthy and maintains its aesthetic appearance. These operations include activities such as regular watering, regular mowing, regular fertilization, aeration with aerator and cleaning of lumps.

Lawn establishment and maintenance service ensures that the grass grows in a healthy way and the aesthetic appearance of green areas is maintained. This service ensures that the grass areas are properly established, maintained regularly and the grass is protected from diseases. In addition, regular maintenance of lawns provides users of green areas with a clean, organized and safe area.

Lawn area establishment and maintenance service is very important for the healthy growth of green areas and the preservation of their aesthetic appearance. This service, which can be customized according to the wishes of the customers, provides regular maintenance of the lawn areas and offers a clean, tidy and safe area. Would you like to receive maintenance service for your lawn areas?

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